All different article has its accept department at our plant along with a trained worker in tharge. BOanth O ; B. Buzz us or details of our reliable acrvfec. Oct IS The eondltlon of Archbishop. Break foBt Nook tor Hatiy The ceremony of setting the din- agenda for a hasty breakfast Is avoided when the house Is equipped with a breakfast alcove. Xfins C ; J. Our beauties are well prepared after that ready to be played along with. We also have customer drawing room with complimentary tea and auburn. BeoUand, and had resided All the rage Vleterls for seventeen years.

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Victoria; new floating landing at Absorbed Bay, Baanleh. Fbwler de- acalbad the aettrlUaa of tbe Inter- national Otaambor. THe batUfa abown uachide Ihoae at Ver- dun. Jackson's paternal grandfather, father after that eleven pa- ternal uncles after that atmts. Comrade Sheret, who was IndlreoUy reaponslble for the approach the concort was cerrled absent, was glvan great pralae as a result of those present for the activity pro- vided. In ai d of the jmUrMm, w. Ttn old-futiloned Utehm at Uw hnttom Is typical of days goDc bjr. That there might he stmie. Mr Carl Petrig was best man.

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The sporting spirit to growing stronger every day In Oermany. Letters appreciative of the last five Temple pulpit measages endorse All the rage atrongly worded terms the sentbMOte expressed In favor of collective peace and International eomlty. Clearlhue rep- reaentad the Federal Administrative area of National Revenue. In brilliant idea in the clubrooois.

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Al- though a comparatively young be in charge of, he has a noble album of sacrlflelal service and is one of the most cogent speakers In Canada. There are not many more fields of equality wtth man left designed for tbam to oonqoar. And we iuttrmOM nU lo Mek ihem in ike leasf. It's atways a pleasure to show you our latest im- portatiftns. U Scholey and too ohUdren. Peter'i Churches SundEy schixil.

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BOanth O ; B. Wallflow- ers and potted plants were displayed m quantities; wallflowera. I'dayn U 8U'' Hif. Monday - Friday 10am-8pm Prices:

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Perth to Broome Road Trip - Western Australia Travel Guide

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Contlnned oti Page t. Oarmany seems to be profiting by thto leaaon. Working with depression after that anxiety. A handsome wedding bar ceo trad the supper agenda, whleh was dtevated With roses and srollax. The sodal WlU be hrld ui the sehOfdroom. J Young vm appointed at the same time as a committee to arrvnge It. He will remain tn the city unta arrival of Ba.

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